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In CV on October 23, 2009 at 13:29

Не будет поселка программистов. Потому что не можем сосредоточится на определенном направлении и высокие риски не угадать. Будет другое не знаю как это все назвать, но выглядит примерно так:

Некое место (поселок) куда приглашают на две недели очень мало человек (двенадцать край) за высокую плату пройти курс по определенному навыку. Или программирование для телефонов или баз данных или оракл …

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From: Oksana Oracheva

Уважаемый Иван,

в связи с нарушением Вами нескольких условий грантового соглашения, московский офис Международный программы стипендий будет рекомендовать Секретариату Программы прекратить действие гранта.

С уважением,
Оксана Орачева

Здравствуйте, Оксана.
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In CV on August 20, 2007 at 07:42

In ninety seventh me have taken on job in XEROX. Certainly, the American company – not Russian. Here all was on the computers. In norm there were e-mail, databases, a network. Any problems with information interchange between employees. Americans did not understand how in another way to operate the modern company. There I have received much. But it has appeared, that « in many knowledge it is a lot of grief and many knowledge multiply grief ». The problem has appeared that was necessary to leave on Moscow and to work in Russia.

I remember, how I suggested to put computers on a factory of the air field equipment. As I have found out during preliminary acquaintance, the information on a status of the conveyor was late to a management for three weeks. That is the detail is already cunning from a warehouse, and the chief engineer saw paper reports according to which the detail only was cast. On my offer to administration to automate production the main designer has minded: « I categorically against introduction at us at a factory of callous machines. When I rise to my work desk with a pencil – I and my designers test inflow of a creative power, inspiration. And what inspiration can be at the screen of a computer? ». The project of automation then have not approved.

Absolutely near to a factory of the air field equipment, it is literally behind a corner there was an Aviation factory. There I have brought a translation program from raster images in vector. The matter is that at scanning drawings the image turns out in a raster format, and for job in design programs the vector image is necessary. Therefore, similar programs a necessary part for translation of design development in modern conditions. On presentation of the program all top management was going to. I approximately half an hour jumped around of a computer, explaining, what for all this is necessary. The Top management silently listened, and has then arranged small meeting. At meeting has been decided to call on presentation of the designer. And right now. The designer has been called. As I have understood subsequently, it was the unique designer-expert who has remained more or less which has remained on factory. He has sat down for a computer, and the top management has crowded behind it, looking on the screen through a shoulder. But I have made a mistake! I have brought on presentation the notebook with a graphic tablet. The designer saw a tablet for the first time. He has tried to master quickly it, but fingers of practice had no. After several minutes of tortures the designer has uttered: « the Program not bad. Useful. But there is at it an essential lack. There is no support of the mouse ». Thanks God, that the mouse in a bag at me was! I have connected it and have shown working capacity. Then the designer has told: « Well here, absolutely an another matter ». However, the program and have not bought. There was no money.

One more factory with strange the attitude to automation – car factory “VAZ”. Though there serious enough level of a hardware, but there are also incidents. Periodically at a factory there are meetings of directors. They are going to in the big tower. But for the beginning jobs are necessary for them summary data on manufacture and sales which prepare in other premise, approximately for five hundred meters from management. Therefore, as soon as directors sit down a table – there and then the secretary calls in an information department and therefrom the courier runs. But he runs with reports all over again in office where documents are registered as entering, are made multiple copies on copier, and then only rise in management. On all about all leaves nearby half-hour. For this time the directors receiving not sickly salary, simply wait. I have suggested to establish a fax-copier at the secretary, to pass documents by fax, there and then them to make multiple copies and begin meeting. Thus one copy sends to office. The most complex was to convince participants of process, that copies by fax turn out identical.

It is interesting, that when I established a fax, I have found out nothing the borrowed telephone pair. First it wished to be connected to her. It has appeared, it will not turn out. On this the pair has been brought a special government connection. I have asked the secretary, where the device from a special government object. She has responded, that the device have torn off and have carried away. On a question what for, she has explained: « That any ministers did not disturb us ».

My IT. University.

In CV on August 20, 2007 at 07:37

About three years I have spent practically without a computer. It was fine. Though sometimes it would be desirable to improve the work somehow. I worked on TV and the teacher in a teacher’s college. At that time computers lived there only in accounts department. And when I saw the exhausted persons of bookkeepers above keyboards – I was mentally christened and departed in away.

I avoided technics. Worked as the teacher of psychology in a teacher’s college. At that time there tried something to do with computers. We shall tell, for psychologists it is the extremely important to process statistics. By machines, even in Exel easily enough and simply to count correlations. But the maximum of use of means was the calculator. And God forbid somewhere on protection (the diploma or candidate) was to tell, that for calculations the personal computer was used. Professors and the senior lecturers having remote enough representation about technics to not show the backwardness demanded to count results on the calculator (well though it saw), instead of that caused the big doubt in them « valid the received data interpolated on the sample exceeding authentic correlation » (that understood, what spoke?).

By the way, since then has very little changed. 2003 I was present at the end on a round table where were going to practically all managing faculties and heads of faculties of psychology of the Samara High School. I have acted with the small report on use the Internet for information interchange between psychologists. Me have pecked. The main argument was that at screen display printed texts and figures are deformed. I tried to tell about scanning, recognition of the text, about formats and ways of transfer of the information through the Internet. But not here that was! Scientists have got used to measure the work by printed publications, therefore everyone electronic did not keep within neither at them in a head nor at them in traditions. Serious heads of educational establishments absolutely inflamed by polemic have brought a attention to the question on an interdiction of the Internet on voting. And not at them at faculties and faculties, and in general. The majority has voted pro. I do not know, how it has turned out, but I while use the Internet.

In general, in educational establishments with the Internet strange things are created. In the same past to year I have suggested to make to Pedagogical University the site. It has appeared, that the grandson of the rector, as the youngest, so and the most advanced is engaged in it. This boy at once has declared me: « Where you want? I here really relative. Really it is not transparent? Therefore pay to me, and there will be permission to you a site on the Internet ». Here short conversation was such.

My IT. Bank.

In CV on August 19, 2007 at 12:14

I have left school, and there and then me have invited in «AgroBank» to a post of the engineer-programmer. Have However, told, that before I should pass test. Job of the engineer-programmer in bank to me was represented something supernatural. I imagined pictures of the enormous calculations, responsible work behind the modern technics milling financial calculations and building forecasts of development of the market. Therefore before day of test I strongly worried, did not sleep the night, two times washed a head and have bought by chance dear cologne. At examination in «AgroBank» me have planted for a computer and have included Nortons dark blue panels. And have then asked to copy all over again, and then to transfer a file from one directory to another. I have straight off used keys F5 and F6 and began to wait for the complicated tasks. But them has not followed. Me have thanked and have told, that next day I can start to work.

Job of the engineer-programmer in bank was reduced to that I came for half an hour prior to the beginning of job of bank and included the basic and spare server. Then I carried out a number of commands from DOS lines on copying files and transferred on a diskette final base of operations of yesterday on a reserve computer. And then waited for evening. In the evening I dumped day time transactions on a streamer. All.

Two girls at me in submission looked at me in the morning as on the God. In fact if I have not included a computer – bank day would not take place. It was burdensome enough to me to see their admired looks and to come before others on half an hour. Therefore in a week of job I have written unpretentious program and have learned girls to type English letters in the command line “startday.bat”. Now they began to come by turns before me and to start a server. But admiration in their eyes it was reduced. Yes, I have still learned girls to find and press the button “reset” on computers at clerks. And when at clerks something with machine was not got on, they called upward, to them one of girls went down and pressed “reset”. In five minutes job renewed.

I lived month smartly. That is it was marked, transferred on a diskette a backup copy and left on the affairs up to an evening streamer. Features me has pulled to show a dissatisfaction. I am tired, whether see, to stick and stick off a diskette. Has decided to connect two computers on zero to a modem cable and to learn subsequently girls to pump over files through it. The blessing Norton allowed to make it « on time ». In one completely not perfect day I have brought a cable, have connected COM-ports and have included machines. They have lighted up. Both. Naturally. With a smoke and fumes. A server and a reserve server.

As in a consequence, during service investigation it was found out, that the plug in the socket should be stuck on the contrary. Having turned it on 180 deg. Any drunk electricians, at installation of internal electroposting have connected different phases to two next sockets. That is the zero was one, and here phases in the next sockets different. The case of a computer too is designed under a zero. Therefore, when I have connected their cable, all strake 380 volt. Microcircuits were raose, have burnt out ports and hard disks, and in one of mother desk even fire a hole.

I have proved the innocence. Me have justified. And in two weeks have invited in the central office, in the educational center to raise the qualification. There I have learned, that nobody will improve the program of information service «AgroBank». Is more exact nobody can. The program has been written on “Fox” by the unique person who has emigrated to Israel. Before emigration he has simply thrown out source codes.

Us learned to serve a server. I have quickly enough mastered a fixed material and during remained time began to experiment. From an educational server has tried to leave on the basic. There was, naturally, a login and the password. It is a little having thought, I have entered as a login a name of the chief of an information department, and as the password its surname. It has not turned out. Then I have made on the contrary. Also has got on the central bank server.

It would be necessary to these and to be satisfied. So is not present. I have decided to warn the heads about a gap in protection. Not one I such clever. Therefore I only have downloaded a file with the schedule of the planned audits, unpacked it and have carried to the chief. In day to me have suggested either to leave, or to go to work in the internal control. I have left. By then I was full computers on a throat. Also has solved never already with them to meet. To work it was possible and with a leaf of a paper.

My IT. School.

In CV on August 19, 2007 at 12:10

And I tried to be improved and be in time behind progress. One of stages were smart 486 from CD-ROM, presented to me as the sponsor’s help Fishman (head ACS) in ninety third. I then worked as the teacher of computer science in rural high school. Having received these machines, I was immensely happy. The system flied. Even Windows 3.1 felt on these computers freely enough. And programs under DOS were executed not simply hurriedly, and almost in peak. I have got in addition tutors and encyclopedias. In my job, in training children 486 helped particularly. I already began to reflect how to leave on open spaces the Internet. All pleasure was spoiled by the then deputy minister of education. It was brought in my rural school by manager Education Sector to brag of an edge of progress. The deputy minister has closely familiarized with my achievements, has looked, as kiddies quickly find the necessary information in the electronic encyclopedia, has set pair questions, and has then invited all teachers in a teacher’s room. As he there shouted! Its essence half-hour performances was reduced to the following. « You, that … would not understand, that these children need to be accustomed to a mattock and a plough. And you with… Them to heights accustom. They … then in a floor would not will leave. And who then will feed us? ». Whom deputy minister meant under a word “us” I and has not understood. But as a result to me have closed financing, and working off of children on weeding have increased. The authority too should be satisfied by correct application of computers. And what turned out – and the son of minister at the Moscow school and the son of the tractor operator from rural will be on equal on knowledge? The disorder. And there was I once again unsatisfied the communications with computer facilities.

My IT. Factory.

In CV on August 19, 2007 at 11:58

I work on a computer. By all accessible machines I have taken down in a basket and further a games. I have released a place for clever ideas, pictures with value and programs for advantage of business. Has made it for a long time. Still it is a lot of years back. But till now, when I have a seat to a computer feel the certain degree of a dissatisfaction. And I am not lonely. However, it not the loneliness – to be together with people unsatisfied with a computer – not so pleases. It would be desirable to log on and leave because of it with feeling of delight and the superiority.

The desire to work on a computer has arisen gradually. It at all was not at University at studying «Basic» on «Electronik-60», “Fortran” on ЕС1022 or the assembler on clone IBM370. All these lines in listings programs, an interlacing of bunches of wires with magnetic or punched tapes together with the knocking teletype inspired exclusively irritation. And to those who has thought up all this and to teachers which on a question: « And what for all this is necessary? » Responded shortly: It “is necessary”. In it paid for distribution of a myth that is a little more – and we shall catch up with America in a communication facility and computer complexes. It was difficult to me to believe. In eighty seventh I was in Peter at an exhibition « Computer science in a life of the USA » and already then saw color graphic interfaces, touch screens, MIDI-keyboards, mice and well-groomed programmers with engineers efficiently and with advantage moving near magic technics.

Then there was a factory of name “ZIM”. Special laboratory on application of technics in the medical purposes. Managed her then ingenious manager Yakubovsky. In eighty eighth he could beat out (so then spoke “to beat out”) for the laboratory videorecorders, modern element base and IBM XT – one piece. Present IBM XT. Though in laboratory already stood pair DEC. On the DEC I have learned to write the first viruses. Absolutely simple virus. They simply suspended the machine. But, much more often, ours DEC stop from jumps of a factory electricity. Despite of condensers of wild capacity by means of which engineers of laboratory tried to correct design subquality work of other engineers.

By the way then I have learned, how we made Russian Processor 8080. Bought the corresponding American processor and quietly it prepared literally, cutting off a layer behind a layer and sketching pictures architecture. Cunning Americans have learned to struggle with our industrial espionage by absolutely simple methods. That they did connections in different levels obliquely, and that was brought close-is closely with current carrying paths to each other. At copying through simple microscopes our people or could not sketch correctly scheme or connected nearest laying explorers, receiving as a result a disabled product. Simple methods of Americans especially operated, that ethyl to spirit in special research items was fill up. Wrote off it on rubbing of focal planes or optical axes. On hundred gram on one focal plane.

And so, IBM XT worked. That is joined in the morning and threshed all the day long. Through parallel and consecutive port to it brought gauges, and he served as such greater analog-digital converter. And in the evening adult employees were built in turn to play on him. In a primitive toy – a shooter.

On the IBM XT stood MultiEdit. There was such word-processor. And here then I for the first time have applied a computer in job. I have thought what to work with texts on him favourably. It is possible to not copy similar paragraphs but only to correct. So I began to create by means of a computer from text blocks various documents: contracts, instructions, letters, handbills, etc. it is, etc. magnificent. But I felt some dissatisfaction from the black-and-white screen, from superfluous difficulties of storing of combinations of keys, from primitiveness of the interface.

Then I have taken to myself home in rent a computer from army. The blessing designers of rockets have got used to work for desk with a slide rule, “AutoCAD” did not recognize, to pay for additional education refused (Here still. We finished the Soviet school and institute). And computers under the order of ministry army received. I have offered them for 1500 roubles a month (at that time a little) a computer in rent to myself to take away. They have agreed, as it there was alive money. As the same means by means of a computer on the basic job to receive – in army did not know. Or did not want additional difficulties. But the main purchase in loading to a computer was presence of the matrix printer. I have created an own printing house. Published in tiny circulations booklets, leaflets, posts. I began to earn on a computer of money. He has paid back for a month. But printed slowly. With the low sanction. With a loud crash. In general, the dissatisfaction with technics has remained.

And in that laboratory where I once started to get acquainted with IBM XT, have taken any expert on various questions of a wide structure. He, among other, played a role of original Quality Department. Estimated suitability to use designed for needs of medicine of electronic products. Estimated on design. Then this word became fashionable alongside with “managers”, “marketing”, “interface”, etc. words. He took a product, opened it and closely considered. Also rejected, if he did not like, for example, color of resistors on the printed-circuit-board. At that time many resistors and popular transistors of type KT315 were painted in red color. And red color, in opinion of the expert, caused unpleasant associations. Therefore the product was rejected. It was necessary to engineers-software developers to nights to recolour elements in other colors. In fact color did not influence face value in any way, and the premium was paid on delivery of a product in manufacture. Another time the expert on various questions of a wide structure did not like figure of paths on the printed-circuit-board. He reminded him magic symbols and icons. And this product should be altered, cutting paths and connecting the ends an assembly wire. The premium was paid. And here the design already in manufacture ordered to live long. Who knows, we would not pursue a fashion on words so there would be a factory ZIM now the leading world manufacturer of electronics for medicine.