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My history has began two million years ago. When the land fell first Gymnosperm trees and died under the yoke of the following. Through two million years trees have become oil and in the sixty – fifth year of the twentieth century was born me as time for Ural in Russia near discovered industrial oil reserves. In numbers between 7 June, following the catastrophe at in Yugoslavia and 19 June, when in Algeria occurred coup.

In early December 2006 i fled in the former Yugoslavia from the overcrowded oil Russia and met here with Oleg Lashkarev. Oleg grew in Algeria. His father and mother came in young socialist country teach Algerian children physics.

My father sent me to learn in University on Physics in 1989. He himself enjoyed radiotech, but it was a hobby. Complete education prevented the second world war. At the second Ukrainian front in Austria in combat when Vienna father was injured and lost his sight. Vision he restored higher produced by bees poison. But the Germans evil not kept. They have taught his photography.

My head in 1997 in the Russian Office of the American Xerox was German Klaus Dieter Ghodse last Chief of army East Germany. He held by the end of service on bunker the German army excursions after in 1989, Mikhail Gorbachev “ destroyed ” Berlin wall.

I with Mikhail Gorbachev met once in 1996, when he participated in the presidential elections in Russia. My mother gave me the newspaper with his portrait on which the Gorbachov raised his autograph. Newspaper “Pravda” was kept in the family archives and checked out to light with words mother “first and last President of the country in which i was born”.

My mother was born in Kazakhstan. In 1935. And in 1983 i sent in Kazakhstan for military exercises to test ground nuclear explosion. Hole has already been filled with water and washed it after soldiers Marsh – roll under the Central Sun.

When I went to work after graduation from University Director of schools in the village in 1990 there lived most Kazakh diaspora. Khazakhs were evicted by Russian specialists with uprooted and escaped in rich Russia. The celebration of Easter we were Kazakh are painted eggs and they treat Russia market ovine meat across its religious holidays.

My personal history of continued at the first Ecumenical Council of Christian churches in Nikea in 325 a.d.. Celebrate Easter in Cathedral decided Sunday after the first spring full moon. From the Byzantine holiday reaches Slavs.

In 2006 i moved to live in slavish and Orthodox Montenegro.

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